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What is the reason when a website is not indexed by Google?

What is the reason when a website is not indexed by Google? Indexing refers to the procedure in which Google spider crawls your website. And after crawling, your website will start to show in the search result of Google.

What is the reason when a website is not indexed by Google?

Reason when a website is not indexed by Google?

1. Website is too new: Building your new website and starting waiting for it to be indexed quickly and showing up in search engine results, then you're mistaken. Google takes 3 to 4 weeks for a new website to crawl. So wait and learn about the Search engine algorithm to figure out much more. You can visit backlinko.com for a better understanding.

2. Website has been removed from Google: When people use illegal content on their website, then Google might remove their website from indexing, and if the site does not meet the guidelines of Google.

3. Update your sitemap: Updating your sitemap is very important in Google crawling. It is just like telling Google, hey, here is some unique content written for such kind queries, so check it out and index it. Sitemaps have a major contribution to SEO. Both are very important for Google's ranking.

4. You do not have enough high-quality backlinks: If you go where ever and start making a backlink without any initial learning, it may cause trouble for your website because most of the website uses spam backlinks and after few weeks, the website is banned, and getting your website back is way more difficult than anything.

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